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RIP TO DAKAR 2024 - The route of the legends


19.10 – 02.11.2024

 16. – 30.11.2024 (reverse)


Tour Info

This adventure is made for everyone who wants to fulfill their dream of Dakar. “RIP TO DAKAR” is simply legendary and takes us through 3 incredible countries. In 13 riding days we cover approx. 4300km. Our team plans everything down to the last detail and ensures that everything runs smoothly. This famous Lac Rose in Dakar is only within reach with the necessary riding skills, a lot of perseverance and good material. This tour requires a lot of preparation and a considerable lead time. This tour is definitely not suitable for beginners. A transport vehicle accompanies the tour and transports equipment, luggage and spare parts. You will spend the night in tents and some permanent accommodation. A rest day in Dakhla provides the necessary break for man and machine halfway.


In the tour price included
9900 / participate
  • Tour Guide German / English
  • Accommodation Camping + Hotel
  • 1 Rest day in Dakhla
  • 13 Riding Days
  • Rental Motorcycle
  • Support Vehicle


START IN MARRAKECH on October 19th, 2024

The adventure starts in the most famous city of Morocco, in Marrakech on October 19th, 2024. A worthy and very traditional starting point for a tour of Africa. We recommend that participants arrive a little earlier to enjoy this city.


Between 280km and 420km have to be covered per day of driving. A large petrol tank with a total range of at least 200km is required for participation.


We spend the night in the hotel at the start and finish. As soon as we have started the tour, we will spend the night in variations of camping in tents, bungalows and simple permanent accommodation. Breakfast in the morning is provided. The rest of the day we will organize the catering ourselves.


Our transport bus accompanies the group as best it can. We try to implement a daily checkpoint halfway through. Luggage and a contingent of tires and spare parts are carried in the vehicle for each participant.


We equip each participant with a GPS tracker so that we always know where you are and nobody gets lost. To participate, every rider needs a Garmin GPS device on his motorcycle. Of course, all data is transferred to each device before the tour starts.


On the 6th day of driving we reach Dakhla, where we will take a well-deserved rest day. We enjoy the sun, the sea and the center of Dakhla.

Arrival Marrakech

Abreise Dakar


A Visa for Mauritania and a valid passport are required for travel preparation (Austrian citizen).


This is an enduring, power-wrenching and exhausting off-road tour. The goal in Dakar can only be reached with a lot of sweat, perseverance and the necessary fitness. The participant must be in good, healthy physical condition and be able to deal with borderline situations.


Participation in this tour is only possible with our rental motorcycle (450 ccm) and a minimum range of 200km. Our fleet of enduros are brand new and ready for the tour.


During this time we have to expect everything and remain flexible. For planning and implementation, some points have to be reserved and paid down. Due to the current COVID situation, we want to keep these payments open as long as possible. To participate, a deposit of € 1500 must be made by March 1st, 2024. If this tour cannot take place for unforeseeable reasons, the deposit will be paid back to the participant after deducting the planning expenses incurred.