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EVIA TOUR - Odyssee and Tzatziki


07. – 13.10.2024 

14. – 20.10.2024 


Tour Info

The island of EVIA in Greece cannot be surpassed in terms of diversity. The island is easily accessible and is a paradise for all adventurers. A combination of mountains, forests and lonely beaches makes this tour distinctive. With two different destinations, we offer our participants a varied range. In spring we are based in the south / east (Kymi) and in autumn in the north / west (Edipsos) of the island with our tours. Selected accommodations and great restaurants ensure the satisfaction of our guests even after the tour. The beach and the sea are within easy reach of the hotels. The hot springs of Edipsos, as well as numerous sights are only a few kilometers away. Our trails range from exciting single trails to alpine panorama routes. The terrain varies from gravel, sand and soft forest slopes. ´


In the tour price included
690 / participant
  • Tour Guide German / English
  • 6 Nights incl. breakfast
  • 1 Rest Day
  • 4 Riding Days
  • ORX T-Shirt


• Arrival by plane

For the journey to Athens we recommend booking your flight in good time. Each tour participant is responsible for his or her own arrival and departure. All riders should reach the hotel on the island of Evia by 8 p.m. on the day of arrival at the latest. Check-in, briefing and preparation for the first day of riding are on the agenda.

• Motorcycle transport (optional)

We are happy to take over the logistics of our participants’ motorcycles to Greece and back again. The loading takes place in Bairisch Kölldorf in Styria (Austria). After agreement with the ORX organization, all details about the motorcycle transport are determined.
All motorcycles of the participants must be properly registered and handed over to the agreed loading location with all travel documents (green insurance card, registration certificate). The transport costs to Greece and back are not included in the tour price.

• Rent a car or shuttle from Athens to Evia

After arriving in Athens, many participants go for a cheap rental car to continue their journey to the hotel. On request, we can organize a shuttle service for a smooth journey.

Destination May / Kymi

Destination October / Edipsos