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Coast to Coast - Enduro Expedition through 4 countries


21. – 28.9.2024

Tour Info

An expedition from coast to coast over about 1500km through four countries is unique and is only offered by ORX in this form. We start in Igoumenitsa (GR) and drive in 5 days via Albania North Macedonia and Greece to the final destination Burgas (BG). This trip promises not only a lot of off road share, but also the best of 4 exciting countries. A rest day after the 3rd Riding day is planned. 

It is a very special cross country tour for enduros of all kinds. Participation is also possible with big ADV Enduros. For our big Enduros we have planned an own route including a tour guide. Due to our experience and the variable routing, the route is feasible for every rider. However, you should bring along a portion of off-road experience. The days range between 280km and 320km and are planned very varied.


In the price included
1250 / Participant
  • Tour Guide German / English
  • 7 Nights Hotel incl. breakfast
  • 5 Riding Days
  • Support vehicle + Luggage transport
brand new

3 options for participating with your motorcycle or rental bike

OPTION 1 – The best and probably most enjoyable option for this tour is to choose a rental motorcycle. Our fleet consists of brand new GasGas 350 models waiting to be used. This means that participants can arrive and depart directly by plane.

OPTION 2 – ORX motorcycle transportation from Austria to Greece and back. We can transport your motorcycle from Bairisch Kölldorf in Styria to Greece and back, including the papers and user permit. The surcharge for the transport is 200€ / motorcycle

OPTION 3 – Arrival by road or ferry to Igoumenitsa (GR) with your own motorcycle. All vehicles can be parked securely at the hotel in Igoumenitsa for the duration of the tour. Part of our escort team will drive back from Burgas (destination) to Igoumenitsa (start) at the end of the tour. Passenger transport from Burgas can also be organized. This service is not included in the price.

Logistic & Equipment

Security & Support

We are well equipped with our ORX support vehicle. We ensure your safety and transport your luggage from A to B. Depending on the route, a service stop is planned for the participants.

Border crossing

The respective entry regulations of the respective countries apply.
Every participant must inform about these requirements before starting the tour. COVID test (PCR) or vaccination certificate is required for the various border crossings.

Bike modification & equipment

Your motorcycle needs a minimum range of at least 130km to participate.
After we are out and about in public transport, the motorcycle has to
Comply with road traffic regulations and be duly registered.
We recommend installing a longer gear ratio for participation with smaller sport enduros.

Recommended equipment

• Protectors, helmets, boots etc.
• rain cover, camel bag,
• On-board tools, various spare parts, tire repair SET

Start in Igoumenitsa / Greece

Finish in Burgas / Bulgaria

Arrival / Departure


Our participants spend the night in selected accommodations. Depending on the destination of the day, mainly hotels and apart hotels have been chosen for the overnight stays. The tour price includes standard double rooms with breakfast. A single room is available for an extra charge (optional).

Arrival / Departure

All participants have to organize their own travel to and from the tour. Our starting point is Igoumenitsa in Greece, which is easy to reach by plane via Corfu and by ferry from Ancona (I). The destination of our trip is the city of Burgas (BG) on the Black Sea. This place is a sought-after vacation destination in Bulgaria and thus also offers good flight connections.