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PanAdria XC Ride - Cross Country until Split


18. – 25.5.2024 

Tour Info

Around 1000km across three countries. A cross country adventure that starts in Leibnitz and ends in Split. This tour promises a varied week over hill and dale with many highlights.
Always heading south, we follow the sun on exciting slopes.

A long-distance hike for all kinds of enduros. Participation is also possible with large ADV enduros. For our big enduros we have planned a separate route including a tour guide. Based on our experience and the variable route, the route is feasible for every rider. However, you should bring some off-road experience with you. The days extend between 180km and 260km and are planned to be very varied.


In the tour price included
1100 / participant
  • Tour Guide German / English
  • 7 Nights Hotel incl. breakfast
  • 1 Rest day
  • 6 Riding Days
  • Support Vehicle / Travel back to Austria

Logistic & Equipment

Security & Support

We are well equipped with our ORX support vehicle. We ensure your safety and transport your luggage from A to B. Depending on the route, a service stop is planned for the participants.

Border crossing

The respective entry regulations of the respective countries apply.
Every participant must inform about these requirements before starting the tour. COVID test (PCR) or vaccination certificate is required for the various border crossings.


Bike modification & equipment

Your motorcycle needs a minimum range of at least 130km to participate.
After we are out and about in public transport, the motorcycle has to
Comply with road traffic regulations and be duly registered.
We recommend installing a longer gear ratio for participation with smaller sport enduros.

Recommended equipment

• Protectors, helmets, boots etc.
• rain cover, camel bag,
• On-board tools, various spare parts, tire repair SET

Start in Leibnitz / Österreich

Ziel in Split / Kroatien

Accommodation & Return trip


Our participants spend the night in selected accommodations. Depending on the day’s destination, mainly hotels and apart hotels were chosen for the overnight stays. The tour price includes a standard double room including breakfast. A single room is available at an additional cost (optional).

Return journey

After the end of the tour, we spend one last night on the coast in Split before we start our return journey to Leibnitz (Austria) the next morning. For this return trip, the motorcycles will be loaded and a shuttle service to Leibnitz will be organized for all participants. Arrival time in Austria is around 6:00 p.m.